Tories block Free School Meals Extension for 23,395 Children in Lancashire

In Lancashire, 23,395 children claim free schools meals, they are at risk of going hungry over the holidays. So Lancaster and Morecambe Liberal Democrats are demanding extra support for children living in poverty. 

After a high-profile campaign led by footballer Marcus Rashford, the Government provided food vouchers for the poorest families through the summer holidays.

But in October, Conservative MPs, including Morecambe's David Morris MP, voted against extending free school meals to future holidays. The Lib Dems are fighting to ensure every child living in Poverty has access to free school meals in holidays and periods of lockdown.

Local Lib Dem campaigner Peter Jackson said: “The Covid crisis has hit the poorest families hardest and we need to ensure vulnerable children are not paying the price for that. The Lib Dem plan would provide vital support for the local families who need it most. 

“The pandemic has shown us all how important it is that we look out for those in
our community at risk of being left behind.”

Sign our petition to ensure those families get the help they need, not just just as a one-off but as part of a long term

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