Council Changes in Lancashire

The Conservative Lancashire County Council has submitted proposals for Local Government Reorganisation in Lancashire - here is their plan:

Councillor Driver's New Lancashire

The Conservative Lancashire County Council Leader, Councillor Driver’s proposals would radically change how local government works in Lancashire. Lancashire currently has:

  • 12 District Councils - that look after bins, parks, planning and housing.
  • 1 County Council - that looks after roads, schools, public transport, libraries, social care and children’s services.
  • 2 Unitary Authorities - that look after everything in Blackpool and Blackburn.

Councillor Driver’s proposals would:

  • Abolish all 15 councils in Lancashire.
  • Replace them with 3 large Unitary Authorities Greater Blackpool - containing the City of Lancaster, Wyre, Fylde, Blackpool and Ribble Valley with an estimated population of 540,000 people.
  • Greater Blackburn and Central Lancashire.
  • These three new councils would then be overseen by a directly elected mayor, who would be taking away power from these newly crated councils.

Councillor Driver has acted unilaterally in submitting these proposals to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, without support from or cooperation with the District Council Leaders. There has been no public consultation on what we think our Council should be.


What will this mean for Lancaster and Morecambe?

  • Lancaster City Council will cease to exist as we know it. It will be dissolved and merged into a massive authority with more than half a million people.
  • Local decision making on matters such as planning and licensing will no longer be made in Lancaster and Morecambe, but likely from Blackpool.
  • Rather than having City and County Councillors, you will have a Unitary Councillor elected to this new Council.
  • Wards will become larger and more remote, as they reduce the number of Councillors. This means that rural communities will find that they will be sharing a councillor across a much larger area.

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